In this quick tutorial we will see how to get transparent circle around mouse pointer in windows.

Quick Methods To Highlight your mouse cursor

The benefit of highlighting your mouse cursor is it makes it easier for people to follow along with what you are explaining, so they can see where your mouse goes, they can more easily see where you are clicking on.

This is something that’s valuable lets say you are doing screen recording, if let’s say you’re doing a screen recording with some type of instruction or maybe you’re on a teams a zoom or google meet meeting, where you’re trying to explain some concept and you want people to follow along with what you’re explaining.

2 Different ways to do it:

There are two different ways to get a transparent circle around mouse pointer or cursor, mentioned below.

  1. Without Software
  2. With Software

How To Get Transparent Circle Around Mouse Pointer in Windows Without Software

This method doesn’t require installing any software instead all we’re going to do is we’re going to load a cursor file into windows.

Now when you look at your mouse on windows or on your screen, that’s really just what’s called a cursor file.

So it’s kind of a format like a PNG or a GIF or a JPEG and we’re simply going to insert a cursor that has a halo around it.

So that’s by far the easiest way to do it won’t require installing anything.

Download Cursor Image file:

We will just be going to replace that normal cursor image file with a highlight cursor image and to do that I would recommend you to go to RW-DESIGNER.COM.

This website is pretty old and it is like from 90s to 2000s, but the content here is still amazing.

Follow These steps:

  1. All you need to do is search “highlight cursor” and select anyone you like and download it to your computer.
  2. Paste the downloaded file to C>Windows>Cursors, replace the file if there is a file already existing.
  3. Go to the Windows Search bar and type Mouse Settings and open it.
  4. There is a dialogue on the right sidebar of the Mouse Settings page called Additional Mouse Settings
  5. Now Click on the second tab Pointers>Browse

Click Browse

and select the downloaded cursor image file.

  1. Now you would be able to see round circle around your cursor.

How To Get Transparent Circle Around Mouse Pointer in Windows With Software

This approach requires installing software, but it gives you a little bit more control you get a few more capabilities where you can adjust the size of the halo you can make it bigger smaller and it has a few other options.

Well there are many applications available in the market, but unfortunately they are not free and keep showing annoying license reminders and will not work in windows menus.

No worries we are going to introduce you a very small portable application called kokomite.

What is Kokomite?

Kokomite is a software application that draws semi-transparent circles (or rings) around the mouse cursor to make the focus easier to understand in a presentation.

Kokomite is a lite weight and portable software, which helps to create a semi transparent circle around the mouse cursor.

A portable software means that it doesn’t require you to go through annoying installing procedures.

This portable software is absolutely free and you can get this software from this link.

How to Use Kokomite:

  1. Download kokomite Software and Unzip it using WinRar or any unzipping tool.
  2. Unzip where ever you want this to be located.
  3. Open .exe file.
  4. Click the button to Turn ON.

Whenever needed you can go to the folder where you have these unzipped files and just double click the exe file, you can ON and OFF the feature anytime and if you are done you can simply close the application.

What’s more you can get into properties to customize this application to your need.

Initially you will be little annoyed by Japanese letters but no worries you also have English hints in the brackets.

Change the Circle Color:

There are color options yellow, white, red, green and blue, I personally like the default yellow you can set on off hotkey based on your choice.

ON-OFF Hot Key Shortcut:

Place the mouse inside this box and press the hotkey that you want to set anytime and you can use the hotkey to toggle ON and OFF instead of doing that.

Set Hotkey

Change the Size of Circle:

You can also change the size of the circle, last one is click animation if this checkbox is enabled you will see a click animation whenever you click on something.

Additionally you can change the default mouse pointer size and color using windows settings

Go to Windows Search type mouse, select change mouse pointer size, you can change the size and color of your mouse pointer.

All these features will be very useful for people doing presentations trainings and screen recordings.

Please try this and share your feedback in the comments section below I hope it was helpful.