The Simpsons has been on air for what looks like forever there are 31  seasons with around 639 episodes as a result you quite get to  understand the family pretty much especially the most character Homer  Simpson now there is a lot happening with him actually some people say  that he's an evil genius others think that he's a cold-blooded killer  and that is exactly what I'm going to be talking about today as we take a  glance at a number of these theories surrounding him.

Today I'm bringing you the highest 10 scary of Homer Simpson's  theories beginning this pound town we've the immortal man Homer Simpson  is theorized to be immortal why is that this because regardless of what  happens he will always survive he can never be killed in several  episodes Homer has gotten into situations that ought to have severely  harmed him or killed him but this never happens he can bleed his bones  break but they're going to always heal actually he's been around longer  than we realize in multiple episodes we see tons of Homer look-alikes  from back within the day like we see a Homer look-alike with a beard  present for the ten commandments maybe this is often Homer himself and  not just appear as if meaning he's been around for a really very while  actually he's older than MR. burns.

Moving on number 9 you've got these self-awareness so within the  season 4 episode Homer heretic Homer gets visited by God at the top of  the episode Homer asks him what the meaning of life is but just before  God answers the show ends and cuts to the credits so what's it that God  told Homer well some people have theorized that God told Homer that he's  just a cartoon from that episode onwards Homer may be aware that  whatever he does won't have lasting consequences that's why he can just  quit his job attend space and continue other wacky adventures it is also  why he's gotten badly injured but never dies he knows he's untouchable  and now he us whatever he wants there a spot you've got homered the  clown.

The Simpsons Krusty the Klown is shown to be a reasonably outrageous  character that's worshiped by Bart but how does one notice that Homer  and Krusty share very similar features I mean if Homer wore some makeup  and more red nose and had some teal hair he would look a bit like Krusty  well this theory goes that Krusty is really homers secret identity.

Now Krusty is seen to possess some very bad habits he's constantly  smoking and drinking and is shown to be very depressed so if Krusty was  indeed Homer this whole time does that mean that Homer would are hiding  these qualities from his family sad to believe it but Palmer might just  dress up as Krusty and drink his sorrows away fun fact Mac raining  actually came forward and said that he originally designed both the  characters to seem similar.

Because he wanted to originally reveal that Krusty was homers persona  but it hasn't happened yet in our second spot we've the alcoholism it's  no secret that Homer loves his beer maybe not the maximum amount as  Barney but we still have seen him get drunk on multiple occasions and he  guzzles down tons of beer well people believe that Homer is an  alcoholic struggling to urge his addiction in restraint they think that  behind homers goofy facade is a very erratic and depressed man who  always must drink or to be drunk although the show might not show it.

Homer may be intoxicated 24/7 and that is why he acts the way that he  does actually over the course of the show Homer has said things like ah  beer my one weakness or alright brain you do not like me and that I do  not like you but let's just do that and that I can revisit to killing  you with beer it just highlights how reliant Homer is on his beer in  reference to the Simpsons people would often associate it with Lisa  Simpson.

But what if I told you that she comes from a family of geniuses  that's right Homer may appear to be dim-witted but actually it's  theorized that he's actually a genius there he goes that each one of the  Simpsons are super smart but only Lisa chooses to embrace it actually  within the episode HOM R Homer becomes a genius after having a crayon  far away from his brain so this whole time he was super smart but the  crayon that was lodged in his brain was limiting his potential.

However he ended up reinserting the crayon into his brain at the top  of the episode actually there's evidence of Homer being clever despite  having the crayon in his brain in certain episodes he has built a  machine nuclear weapons and even a complicated AI robot so yeah I'll not  appear to be it but hoards a genius they're now in our fists and  halfway mark with the nuclear accident ever wonder why all the people in  Simpsons are yellow well you'll thank Homer for that it's theorized  that Homer Simpson made a mistake at work which caused the atomic power  plant to explode.

However it didn't kill anyone instead everyone was exposed to highly  toxic industrial waste that caused them to mutate and switch yellow it  is also why they only have four fingers rather than five I mean Homer is  sort of careless at work so it could just be that he's the rationale  why everyone looks the way that they are doing which makes me wonder  what did they appear like before the explosion and our fourth spot we've  the important killer within the Simpsons episode titled who shot MR.  Burns MR. Burns was found shot surrounded by a bunch of suspects now if  we glance at who's all there we will see Krusty the Klown however he  doesn't look an equivalent actually some people have speculated that it  had been actually Homer who shot burns and a Krusty the Klown disguise  in order that he wouldn't get caught.

We've the town killer so let's take a glance at the 2007 Simpsons  movie during this movie the entire town of Springfield gets trapped  inside a dome as a results of some toxic Pig waste that Homer dumped  into the town's River Homer and his family managed to flee while  Springfield is destined to be blown up killing all the residents now at  the top of the movie Homer is that the hero and saves everyone or did he  this theory goes that Homer made his way back to Springfield from  Alaska to save lots of his wife and youngsters but when he reached there  the town was already blown up and his family and friends were all  killed he then went back to Alaska where he still currently lives  isolated during a cabin all the events we see are from Homer's  imagination he imagines that he's still back in Springfield living  together with his family.

I do know that you simply do have the murderer now we all know that  Homer has done some questionable things like he continuously chokes out  his son Bart but he wouldn't actually harm him or others right Oh seems  Homer features a darker mind than we thought within the episode titled  Papa don't leech homer and his father Abe are driving home once they  explode the road and over a cliff Homer escapes but his father remains  stuck within the car that's when he decides to suffocate his dad to  death he looks him right within the eyes places his hand on his face  until he just knocks out then seems it had been all just a dream but  Homer says I used to be having the foremost wonderful dream okay they're  basically the Simpsons writers imply that Homer wants his father dead  and should even want to be the one who does the deed.

Homer definitely still holds grudges against his father from his  childhood enough in order that he wants him dead and in our favorite  spot we've the coma this theory makes such a lot sense that it's  actually pretty crazy so within the 1993 episode titled so it's come to  the present a Simpsons clip show Homer gets crushed by a slot machine  and falls into a coma eventually he wakes up from the coma at the top of  the episode Ceri states that he might never have woken up and he's  currently still during a coma imagining everything that we see first  they claim that after this episode there was an enormous shift within  the tone at the show the show went from that specialize in homer and  Marge's marital problems and like Bart cheating in class to homer  getting to space or homer working for an excellent villain.

The episodes have gotten more extreme and it might be because Homer  is simply during a coma imagining it all there's also another piece of  evidence to support this theory within the episode titled Homer The  Heretic as I discussed before Homer gets visited by God before the top  of the episode Homer asks him what's the meaning of life God replies  with you will find out once you die.

Homer says I can’t wait that long and God says you cannot wait six  months now the episode that Homer is during a coma aired six months then  episode proving that this theory quite is sort of possible and that is  all.