Today we are talking about how one can recover his/her files.

Which were deleted and can be restore with some of easy methods.

An individual's data has become so important and necessary now a days.

Because every single task or any kind of activity in our daily life has been shift to our mobile phones and laptops and PCs.

Losing data is a worst thing that could ever happen in any one's device.

Whenever we delete files from our PC, the files went to the recycle bin.

If you have not deleted files from recycle bin, then you can restore them without tools.

You just need to click the selected files and recover them clicking right click on mouse.

Your files will come back the their original location where they were at before.

How data is deleted in hard drive?

Data or files can never be deleted from any hard drive or storage disk.

In Windows (operating System), every file in hard drive contains a  pointer which holds the address of a file and when data is deleted

The operating system just removes the pointer of that specific file.

When pointers are deleted and the data stays in hard drive or storage drive ready to overwrite for other files.

If data retrieving process has done early stages from deletion.

There are positive chances that your data will get recovered without disrupting.

But you don't have to worry windows only overwrite the contents of new files.

So there will be old data in your hard drive.

There are many tools on internet that provides free and paid recovery for your data.

But you don't need to worry I will provide you the links of data recovery software.

Which are quiet impressive in recovering the data and easy to use.

Best tools for Data recovery.

There are many tools on internet which recovers data.

But i am going to be talking about the most famous and worthy tools that can actually recovers your data.

Disk Drill:

DiskDrill also provide Free version of their software, you can also get that but with limited resources.

DiskDrill is one of powerful tools to recover data from external devices.

It can also protect the virtual devices, such internal and External Hard drives.

To download DiskDrill go to the link is Below:

Direct Download:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS is a giant software company that provides not only Data recovery tools but also many tools like Hard drive partition etc.

It is also one of the powerful tools to recover your deleted files from your external devices.

You can recover your lost data from USB, SD Card, Hard drive or any external device.

EaseUS also provides the free version of their software with limited resources.

If you would like to use the Free version you can visit EaseUS Site.

The download link is Below:

Direct Download:

Recuva Professional:

Recuva Professional is also one of the best tools to recover your lost data.

It helps the devices to protect from any error or any fatality.

Recuva is super easy to use and it is built lightweight, So, it is fast and reliable to the users.

Recuva Professional can restore the formatted data from any external devices.

If you wan to download and use the free version of Recuva Professional, go to their site by Clicking here.

The download link is Below:

Direct Download:

Stellar Data Recovery Premium - Technician:

Steller Data Recovery also comes in two packages, first one is Free and the other one is paid.

Steller Data Recovery tool helps us to recover  documents, emails, photos, videos, and audio files, etc. from any storage media

So,  Steller Data Recovery is also one of the powerful tools to restore your  lost media files or any data from the USB, SD cards, Hard drives etc.

If you wan to download and use the free version of Steller Data Recovery tool, go to their site by Clicking here.

The download link is Below:

Direct Download:

Wondershare Recoverit Ultimate:

WonderShare Recoverit is also comes with two different packages, WonderShare Recoverit and WonderShare Recoverit Ultimate.

Wondershare Recoverit is a free version of this tool while the Ultimate version is a paid tool.

You can do many things by the free version but if you want to use Wondershare recoverit broadly then you can buy that.

If you wan to download and use the free version of Wondershare recoverit Data Recovery tool, go to their site by Clicking here.

The download link is Below:

Direct Download:

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All Provided tools are Virus Free, but antivirus  could block some of key-gens, make sure to turn off antivirus before  installing!
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