Just on the heels of Ariana Grande breaking the record for many  followed Instagram female of all time, it got us thinking: Who holds the  opposite top spots for most-followed on Instagram? Whether you’re  lusting over a celeb’s perfectly-crafted Instagram aesthetic, or you’ve  been a day-one fan, any ‘follow’ is a contributing factor to said  celeb’s popularity. Let’s investigate which accounts are the top 10 most  followed and why. Everyone knows the ins and outs of how Instagram  works, but speaking of the app’s most-followed accounts, you almost  certainly didn’t know that coming in at:

10-Renowned National Geographic magazine.

The Instagram account currently sits at 145 Million subscribers and  is home to a number of the foremost stunning, up-close footage of  wildlife, animals, and culture from around the world. In between your  usual feed of flat belly tea sponsorships and Kylie Jenner’s cars,  consider Nat Geo a touch shake reality and a glimpse into the mysterious  wild. So basically, what I’m getting at is, ‘what are you waiting for?’  If you don’t already - they’re worth the follow.

9-Justin Bieber.

With 147 million followers is Justin Bieber and there’s no need for a  reason on why he’s one of the most-watched celebrities within the  world. the maximum amount as many of his fans wished that they were that  ‘one less lonely girl’ at some point in their lives, nothing warms  Justin’s fans’ hearts quite seeing him the happiest he’s ever been, in  large part to the content he posts about his wife - Hailey Bieber.  Justin gives Beliebers the content they asked for, whether that be some  motivational TED Talk advice to updates on his many projects, including  his clothing line, recent docuseries.


Just before Justin is Queen Bey, who is followed by 154 million loyal  Bey hive members. Beyonce has always kept her personal life out of the  spotlight the maximum amount as humanly possible, so consider her  Instagram account the closest glimpse into Beyonce’s fascinating world  we’ll ever get. Bey’s IG is essentially a hotspot for serving serious  looks, which include stunning glamour shots from recent projects,  important PSAs needed to be heard by millions, and therefore the rare  Knowles-Carter family photo. Not going to lie, her Adidas collab has  been added to my Pinterest board’s OOTD inspiration… I mean, even Reese  Witherspoon couldn't help but see what all the hype was about… But most  significantly, if anyone is looking to relive the glory that's Beyonce’s  Coachella Homecoming performance twice during a row just after having  twins, by all means, Bey’s blue ‘follow’ button awaits.

7-Leonel Messi.

Some would consider Lionel Messi the rival of famous footballer  Cristiano Ronaldo, but if you’re not conversant in Lionel, who also goes  by Leo, do yourselves a favor and obtain acquainted, like, yesterday.  Coming in at number 7 with a whopping 167 million followers, Leo is an  Argentinian professional athlete who plays as a forward and captains  both La Liga club Barcelona and therefore the Argentina national team.  He currently holds Argentina’s record for the all-time leading number of  goals scored, as he’s made his way into multiple world cups and is  arguably considered one among the world’s best club players. Fans love  Leo’s content, which ranges from some of his best action shots to life  together with his family, including wife Antonella and their three  adorable sons.

6-Kim Kardashian.

Alright, guys, you didn’t think we’d come up with an inventory of the  foremost followed celebs on Instagram and NOT include a Kardashian, did  you? Kim Kardashian West hails at 6th place on the list, carrying a  complete of 188 million Instagram followers. Kim was technically the  primary Kardashian to make a reputation for herself, for reasons we  won’t get into immediately but has gone on to show her fame into a whole  lifestyle brand. She launched her shapewear line SKIMS in 2019, and has  taken after her younger sister in conquering the sweetness and  fragrance world.

5-Selena Gomez.

Just before Kim is Selena Gomez with a total of 191 million  followers. At one point, Selena wore the coveted crown as Instagram’s  most-followed celebrity on the earth until it had been recently  overtaken by another pop princess, but fans adore Selena for being so  open and honest about life, major career moves, and her relatable  struggles. Selena recently dropped her Rare Beauty line in Sephora  stores last week and has earned massive amounts of praise from fans and  critics for the line’s inclusivity and natural products that promote  self-love. to not mention, when Selena utilizes her Instagram platform  to tease new music with the most well-liked K-pop girl group within the  world, we have that much more reason to offer her a follow.

4-Kylie Jenner.

Moving all along, Kim K. might’ve proved her celebrity status for  double the time, but Kylie Jenner’s popularity sky-rocket the second she  started her billion-dollar beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie  currently stands at 194 million followers, and I’m going to leave on a  limb and say that half those belong to the adorable Stormi Webster,  because how are you able to not just melt once you see this face? apart  from flaunting her lavish lifestyle, vacations, cars, and fashion  everywhere Instagram, Kylie uses her platform to market her business and  tease upcoming makeup collaborations while knowing the way to keep us  all coming back for more. Kylie also became the youngest self-made  billionaire, according to Forbes, who then retracted her billionaire  status after claiming that she forged her taxes and doesn’t make the  maximum amount as she’s been projected to, But something tells us that  Kylie continues to stay an unbothered queen and isn’t thinking twice  about the opinion of a select few.

3-Dwayne Johnson Aka The Rock.

This one might come as a touch more of a surprise to several, but  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is about to become the third-ever celebrity  welcomed into the 200 million clubs, as he currently comes in at 197  million followers. But let’s be real, if you’ve seen the sheer comedic  wit and toned muscle mass that The Rock possesses, this is often hardly  news. Despite having the nickname of an earth-made substance known to  face up to the toughest of storms, let’s just call a spade a spade: This  guy’s heart is as big as his left bicep. Dwayne is consistently  dropping words of wisdom, flaunting acts of kindness, and in fact,  sharing the occasional shredding of rock-hard muscles. On top of all  that, he never takes for granted spending time together with his wife  Lauren, and his three kids. Safe to mention we like to see it!

2-Ariana Grande

A serious congratulations are so as for Ariana Grande, who recently  reached the main milestone of becoming the primary female to ever hit  200million followers on Instagram. Currently coming in at 201 million  followers, Ari has been the foremost followed female on Instagram for a  short time, but she was welcomed into the 200-club just last month.  Ari’s major milestone comes right as she and Lady Gaga received many  awards for his or her chart-topping collab “Rain On Me” during the 2020  MTV VMAs. She has become one among the foremost beloved, relatable  celebrities. Fans search to her as an idol, a musician, and a  keeping-it-VERY-real kinda gal. Ari features a tight bond together with  her friends, family, and fur babies, and after enduring many monumental  hardships, public breakups, and private tragedies, Arianators are truly  rooting for her happiness, even as long as she drops some serious  bangers along the way. and eventually.

1-Christiano Ronaldo

Taking the crown because the most followed person on Instagram… it  continues to be pro soccer star Cristiano Rolando with 238 million  followers and counting. This Portuguese-native currently juggles family,  fame, and a thriving career… all while juggling a ball. Cristiano is  arguably one among the foremost famous athletes within the world and has  previously been ranked the highest-paid athlete by Forbes in 2016 and  2017, and therefore the he is awarded with world’s most famous athlete  by ESPN from 2016 to 2019. apart from earning a 64million dollar base  salary by playing soccer alone, Cristiano has stolen the hearts of  millions as a father and family guy to his and longtime girlfriend  Georgina Rodriguez’s four children. because of his soccer career plus  his multi-million dollar Instagram endorsements, Cristiano has become  the primary footballer, and the third sportsman ever, to earn 1 billion  dollars in their career.