What is Mary kills people?

Mary kills people is a Canadian drama series that was released on 23 April 2017 and it consisted of 3 seasons 18 episodes, so it was released 3 years ago and Mary kills people is still people's pie on a plate.

Cast of Mary kills people

  • Caroline Dhavernas as Mary Harris
  • Jay Ryan as Detective Ben Wesley, who is investigating Mary and goes undercover briefly as terminally ill patient Joel Collins
  • Richard Short as Desmond "Des" Bennett, Mary's business partner
  • Lyriq Bent as Detective Frank Gaines, who is working the case with Ben
  • Greg Bryk as Grady Burgess, Des's former drug dealer who provided him and Mary with pentobarbital (season 1)
  • Sebastien Roberts as Kevin, Mary's ex-husband
  • Abigail Winter as Jessica "Jess", Mary's teenage daughter
  • Charlotte Sullivan as Nicole Mitchell, Mary's sister
  • Grace Lynn Kung as Annie Chung, a nurse at Eden General who refers patients to Mary and Des
  • Jess Salgueiro as Larissa, Des's girlfriend
  • Katie Douglas as Naomi Malik, Jess's friend
  • Alexandra Castillo as Louise Malick, a lawyer who is Naomi's mother and Kevin's girlfriend
  • Joel Thomas Hynes as Sidney "Sid" Thomas-Haye (season 1)
  • Lola Flanery as Cambie, Mary's younger daughter
  • Terra Hazelton as Rhonda McCartney, a nurse at Eden General
  • Matt Gordon as Dennis Taylor
  • Rachelle Lefevre as Olivia Bloom, Grady's sister (season 2)
  • Rachael Ancheril as Lucy Oliviera (season 3)
  • Elizabeth Saunders as Nurse Francis (season 3)

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Short Story Summarized

So there is this single mother called Mary Harris, which is actually an ER doctor in the day time, but by the time of night act as underground angels of death with her partner which was a former plastic surgeon, both of them help terminally sick people slip away on their own terms.

Although many of the people think it might be based on true story, but it is not.

But many of the doctors have been accused of a crime which includes Dr. Jack Kevorkian who first made headlines in the '90s for helping with the physician-assisted death of over 100 sick patients, garnering the nickname Dr. Death.

He was convicted for second degree murder.

Review On Mary kills people

I don't even think Mary was doing anything in my opinion, so Hulu has the show has called Mary kills people.

A devoted mother with two beautiful daughters a caring doctor who's dedicated her life to helping others and this has led her to her true calling I killed people.

Mary kills people was very interesting I mean it's about this lady that she's doing, she's helping people die and she's never doing it somewhere newer for something that's allowed, it's basically people taking control of when they were in the past away you know they have cancer or something and they just don't want to deal with that struggle.

So that's what Mary does she helps people out in the US and obviously, that is causing her to do evil stuff that's what the show is about, now I do like the whole concept of it I do like the character Mary, I even like her sister and everything that's going on the first season it was interesting.

I like to twist the turns I mean this definitely is one of those shows that you won't expect an ending, so that's what I did like about it and I do like how she maneuvers to things.

When everything seems to be getting hard she just finds a way to squeeze her way out of it which makes it so so intense and so good I don't like it that something just slow sometimes savior's talking for too long.

I just don't feel like some of the things that they say are important but that's probably one of my biggest things I didn't like about the show, yeah. I mean I definitely would say that.. you know some episodes do drag now, I would recommend this for people that you know maybe in the medical field or people that like something like they can watch while they're over here you know cooking or something like that.

You don't actually have any paint entering 100% to it and kind of get a concept of what's going on with you know dripping in it out which is a good thing you know sometimes you want to cook and put have something in the background or you know you're cleaning the house and you have it going on it's kind of one of those shows.

So if you know you're just looking for something they kind of just have them Mary kills people is one of those shows I mean it does get intriguing and, I did enjoy it but maybe not one of my favorite shows out there I'm not gonna put it like on my top five.

I mean who knows is spitting out our shows and I'm giving them a chance.. all right there so yeah let me know if you're gonna even watch Mary kiss people if it seems been tricking in on them you know what you thought of it if you did watch it.


So, this was the whole experience after watching the show, and if you like this review make sure to share it with your friends and families, especially with someone who is becoming a doctor or already a doctor.