it's the best job in the world I get paid to hang out with my family  before she could kick back and collect her 10 momager kris Jenner was  paying her bills working at a donut shop and as a flight attendant, this  absolute powerhouse and matriarch of the Kardashian Jenner family comes  from surprisingly humble beginnings and advocates for working harder  and smarter no one will fight harder for you than your mother we'll talk  about her biggest fear deepest regret and how it all worked out for her  in the end did you trademark the term momager I did keeping up with the  Kardashians fans know all about Chris's mother MJ who is still a big  part of her life but sadly while she was growing up Chris lost not one  but two father figures her parents went through a difficult divorce when  she was only seven and later her dad Robert true Houghton lost his life  in a car accident although MJ's next husband adored Chris he too  perished in a crash leaving Chris with her greatest lingering fear which  is just losing someone when MJ was widowed she realized she couldn't  manage her business in her grief so Chris stepped up to take over her  mom's shop Chris's first job as a teenager was working in a donut shop  and later she flew around the world as a flight attendant not only was  this a way to bring in some cash but at the time Chris was eager to get  away from an unfortunate development in her romantic life.

As a teenager, Chris dated professional golfer Cesar Cenudo who was  over 10 years her senior at the time but according to Chris Cesar  frequently traveled for work leaving her feeling lonely and looking for  attention from someone else I thought I knew it all I was young and you  know you think you're smarter than everybody else she's since admitted  that while Caesar was on the road she started seeing Robert Kardashian  on the sly while Chris said she was head over heels Cesar's friend jack  Spradlin claims she simply saw Robert as a better financial opportunity  but alas things between Chris and Robert weren't meant to be just yet he  dumped her for another woman and that person was none other than  Priscilla Presley they aren't getting.

When they say Hollywood's a small town so Chris signed on as a flight  attendant for American airlines which she says was a great learning  experience if she could communicate with cranky travelers she could  handle anything she also said it taught her to take pride in a job well  done and how to hold herself accountable but let's not pretend that she  didn't quit the moment Robert came back to her long story short things  didn't quite work out with him and Priscilla but he was wary about being  taken advantage of financially although he was happy to move Chris into  his mansion in Beverly hills he didn't offer her a free ride he refused  to pay for the tires for her ride forcing her to drive an old Mazda  while he treated himself to a Mercedes and a Rolls-Royce Robert may have  controlled the family's finances in the beginning but that changed once  they got married Chris returned from their honeymoon pregnant with  Courtney and became a mother at the age of 23.

nowadays Chris looks back fondly at this time in her life and says  she had some of her happiest times with her first husband but at the  time Chris was going through a lot as she became a mother of four and  tried to keep her husband happy even Robert's friends admit he put a lot  of pressure on Chris to be perfect and he even had her listen to  self-help tapes so she could improve skills like cooking and party  planning maybe that's why she and her kids love throwing huge  over-the-top events for any occasion so Chris found ways to rebel  against her husband and the life she felt trapped within she started  spending freely from their joint bank account and eventually crossed a  line and did something she regrets to this day Chris had an affair with  her friend and personal trainer todd waterman which led to her divorce I  think I have one regret and that was getting divorced not only was  Chris cut off financially but the split had a huge impact on her kids  particularly Kim and Courtney who was older and more aware of the  situation to this day the sisters remember their father's devastation  but they've eventually come to sympathize with Chris's situation even if  they don't necessarily approve of her actions.

Chris met her next partner Caitlyn Jenner while she was still married  to Robert although the two had separated Caitlyn and Chris were set up  on a blind date and fell for each other immediately although this sounds  a little awkward Chris says, Caitlyn and Robert became friendly and  eventually Caitlyn asked him to expedite the divorce so she and Chris  could get married Robert agreed and Chris and Caitlyn got married as  soon as possible but with a new marriage came new problems and one of  them involved money they had none the new couple was broke but Chris  hadn't given up on her work ethic during her first marriage and she was  ready to hustle she capitalized on Caitlyn's past as an Olympic athlete  by booking speaking arrangements getting endorsement deals and even  making their infomercial about getting fit yes there was a time when the  mighty reality tv mogul kris Jenner made an infomercial and it was a  huge success not only that but it helped teach Chris about television  and ignited a passion for a production she learned the secrets of  creating compelling footage and realized she'd found something she truly  loved Chris was devastated when her first marriage ended but she's  learned to look on the bright side she takes comfort in the fact that if  she didn't remarry she wouldn't have had Kendall and kylie and, likely.

We wouldn't have to keep up with the Kardashians Chris discovered her  love of television production during her marriage to Caitlyn but for a  while, she focused her attention elsewhere in 2004 Courtney and Chris  decided to go into business together by opening a boutique called smooch  which sold children's clothing it was an exciting time for the family  since fashion had come to be an important part of their lives when the  family first became famous it seemed like their stores were an  afterthought but the original intention was pretty much the opposite  Chris had hoped that by appearing on a reality show she would get more  attention on smooch and open up additional stores as well 2007 was a big  year for the Kardashian Jenner family for a couple of reasons smooch  was still going strong and so was dash a clothing and accessory store  owned by Kim Courtney and Chloe which had opened a year earlier at the  time Kim's experience with reality TV was sometimes appearing in the  background of shows involving her friend Paris Hilton then that year a  very sensitive video of Kim and ray j was leaked causing her to become a  household name pretty much overnight everyone was talking about it and  even though Kim claimed to be devastated some people wondered if the  whole thing was part of a grand plan later Kardashian dynasty

An Author named Ian Halperin claimed Kim knowingly signed a deal to  release the tape and that Chris was in on the whole thing the family  denies it but some fans believe this was all just too much of a  coincidence since that very year Chris brought the idea of a reality  show based on her family to Ryan Seacrest since the Osbournes was such a  huge hit Chris wanted to get in on the action and believed her  background in video production could be an asset she invited Ryan to a  cookout at her house and he went out of pocket to pay for the camera  crew they both realized they had a hit on their hands and keeping up  with the Kardashians was born it's no secret that being a part of this  show has earned this family a ton of cash after all they receive  paychecks for being on this series as well as producing it but this  franchise is an even bigger moneymaker than a lot of fans realize it's  not unusual to see family members promoting products on their social  media accounts and they're no stranger to endorsement deals according to  Chris.

The reason so many companies are willing to pay big bucks for the  Kardashian and Jenners is because they have such a devoted fan following  Chris says that because her family is so large everyone in the audience  has at least one person they relate to or are entertained the most by  so their potential customer base is enormous she started the show to get  publicity for shops like smooch and dash but those ended up being  closed for more online endeavors that might sound crazy but according to  Chris all of those endorsement deals can easily be worth six figures  for a few photos and significantly more if it's Kim or kylie posting  like the rest of her family Chris collects those paychecks too but her  business dealings are more diverse than a lot of people realize and they  haven't always been successful of course we all know she's the momager  of the family and takes a cool 10 of their astronomical earnings her  kids even joke that her favorite is whichever one of them is bringing in  the most cash is it because she makes you a lot of money what is wrong  with you.

I was just asking but that doesn't mean Chris is just kicking back  and letting her kids do all the work in addition to managing their  careers, she owns her own production company called Jenner  communications after spending years both behind and in front of the  camera, Chris decided to go for her dream of having her very own talk  show if you've never heard of the show Chris that's probably because it  didn't even make it past the six weeks long trial period her son-in-law  Kanye west even made an appearance the first time he had experienced a  television interview in three years despite all this Chris's show was  over nearly as quickly as it had begun although her time as a talk show  host was short-lived Chris is a woman of many talents she wrote an  autobiography entitled Kris Jenner and all things Kardashian as well as a  cookbook called in the kitchen with Chris a collection of Kardashian  Jenner family favorites and yes.

Chris co-founded a church it's called the California community church  in Beverly Hills and you'd better believe it has a 1 000 a month  membership fee and on top of that each member pays the same tithe as her  kids 10 over the years Chris has worked on planes put together an  infomercial and created one of the most enduring reality shows of all  time Chris is always working hard even if a lot of it is behind the  scenes even though they all have their ventures her kids say they've  only started learning about business from the best expert they know  their mom what do you think about the story of kris Jenner do you think  she just got lucky or is she more talented than people give her credit  for.