A new fake IDP antivirus program has just been released to the public, which will try and steal your data. This virus is known as IDP. Generic Antivirus. It is a clone of Fakeirus 2010.

If you want to remove this virus from your PC, then you need to get rid of the following components:

This virus will place the fake application on your PC and disguise itself as an "avast antivirus." It has many malicious codes & settings which are continually running in the background, causing your computer to show false positives (the green boxes).

These false positives are created by the "AVAST" family of viruses, which hackers have developed for use in phishing. The "AVAST" infection is bundled into other malware that you might have downloaded, such as freeware or shareware programs.

It's vital to remove the "AVAST" virus from your computer because it will prevent your system from detecting and removing other harmful infections.

Once the IDP. Generic has infected your PC, and it will disable most of your anti-malware applications. IDP. Generic will allow it to connect to the Internet and spread further.

IDP. Generic will change your computer settings so that they will show false positives on your computer system. It will load a Windows installer which may appear to be legitimate. The installer will then install a series of other malware onto your PC.

After the IDP. Generic has spread throughout your system, and you should look to remove all parts of the malware that are causing problems. Many people make the mistake of thinking their PC is protected against malware, when in fact, it's vulnerable to this rogue program.

Common symptoms include the likes of your PC becoming very slow, not starting, crashing, and having blue screens.

If this happens, your computer may have been infected by the "Autoruns" application, showing a series of suspicious signs on your windows system.

You can identify this program by looking for the following signs:

The Autoruns Video Shows On Start-Up

You will notice the "Autoruns" video showing up on your screen while your PC is starting up. This shows a series of text & pictures on your screen. The video will switch to a black screen and then switch to the color image display. When you switch between the two views, you will see that the video constantly switches between them. This is a sign that the "Autoruns" infection is trying to hijack your PC and change various files on your system, which can result in massive damage if you attempt to remove this malicious software manually.

Other Computer System Symptoms

There will be other symptoms such as your PC becoming very slow, random errors, and even your internet browser becoming extremely slow if you want to know how to repair IDP. Generic, you need to be sure that you can repair all the problems that you are experiencing on your PC safely and reliably. To do this, you need to perform a "registry clean-up" with a registry cleaner tool. It's important that you can repair the various errors that your system has because if they are not properly fixed, they could cause significant damage to your PC. Once you have repaired all the errors on your PC with a reliable software tool, you will need to restart your system and then perform a "registry backup."

A good registry cleaner should also be able to protect your PC against harmful software programs such as "potentially harmful applications," fake email attachments, and rogue websites that hackers will plant.

This is achieved by scanning every file on your computer and then fixing any of the corrupt/damaged files inside it. To make sure that the IDP.Generic false-positive scan is working effectively, and you should remove the application from your system.

You should then re-install the application to ensure that everything is working correctly again. If you wish to enable the application to run in "safe mode," then you should use an external program such as "umaticum" or "daqware."

For the application to run in safe mode, you need to start Windows Safe Mode with "Safe Mode" (it will show a yellow exclamation sign).

You should then use an external program such as "Disk Defragmenter" to defragment your hard drive and repair any errors that may reside within it. When you have completed all these steps, Windows will typically run again and allow IDP. Generic to run as smoothly as possible.

After you have restarted your PC and performed a complete registry clean-up, you should then use a reliable anti-malware program to stop any future instances of the false-positive IDP.