Here you can get to know how to change the WIFI password in DLINK  modem with easy methods keep reading to explore how it will be done in  some simple ways.

We are getting to change the password of  the DLINK router, during this case upon any browser in my case I'm going  to tell you how you can configure in Google Chrome and before changing  the password of the d-link router reminisce the router where you can get  the various IP edges to gain access to the interface of the router in  my case the IP address of my d-link router is

In my case, the model of my router is DSL-705, after finding out  the model you'll have different IP addresses so you want to reminisce  to your router to urge your IP address in my case my IP address is 192  168 1.1 and you need to apply the username and password in this login  panel and if we've not changed the password the default username and  password is "admin".

You'll also get your default password on  the backside of the of your router, there will be a sticker placed on  the backside of the router, we can also change the user name or password  of our router for advanced security purpose.

So when you will  be logged in by entering the IP address, If you are facing a problem  regarding your IP address that you are unable to find one, to look into  the IP address you can also see the backside of the router an IP address  will also be mentioned with the default user name and password.

When you are successfully logged in your router configuration,  you will see the D-link routers interface where you can manage each and  everything about the router and now we are getting to change the  password so just click on wireless on the left side of the interface, on  the wireless tab you'll have two options while this basic wireless  security you would like to click there on wireless security on the  wireless security.

We will get various apps as well. The security mode you would  like to keep the safety mode on WPA only or there are many options I  think the wpa2 only is that the secure option and just bottom of the  page you will see the shared key where you need to add your new password  to the rack or a tooth to your Wi-Fi.

So on the PC are key you'll enter your new password just change  the password in click on apply so you are going to be changing the  password and by clicking the apply button so now you would need to  restart.

If you don't know how to restart the router you do  not need to worry to restart the router you can restart your router by  pressing the restart button on your router otherwise you can attend the  management tab and click on the reboot button so the router will be  reviewed and it can take few seconds and then the password of your  router or Wi-Fi will be changed and you would like to use the new  password to realize access to your wireless network.

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