What is XYZ Domain?

XYZ Domain has become very popular and it has become a top-level  Domain. In ICANN's new generic top-level domain program the XYZ domain  was proposed.

XYZ domain was available from JUNE 4 2014 to general Public ,the main registrar provider of XYZ domain are "https://gen.xyz".

What is the .xyz domain used for?

The XYZ domains was created by Daniel Negari ,he was an internet Marketer.

Daniel Negari designed .xyz domain because to break this domain into  top-level generic domain like .com ,so the xyz domain is now ahead of  competing with .com domain , and most of the people have now started to  use xyz domain for their website.

Is .XYZ domain Free?

The .xyz domain is not free ,it is a paid domain as i described it is  a top level domain in coming time so its absolutely not free, actually  it depends on the domain registrar.

Most of the domain registrar give discounts for the first year ,the discounts are different depend on your country.

Cheapest Domain Provider/Registrar?

For me the cheapest domain registrar are following :

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Domain.com
  3. gen.xyz

Steps To Get Free .xyz domain!

So we were talking about the how you can get free .xyz domain as I  mentioned it is a top-level domain and is not sold free, BUT there is a  Promo Code that will make it 0$ for your .xyz domain.

The Steps are Following:

  1. I have Provided the link Below of the steps.
  2. Go to the link I attached.
  3. Register your .xyz domain on that site.
  4. Scroll down and you will find 2 options there.
  5. One is existing and the other is register an account.
  6. You need to press on register an account.
  7. When you will reach on registering page, you need to put your information there.
  8. After putting the info you need to add your credit card info or PayPal account.
  9. So you might be thinking it will gonna cost you.
  10. But NO, you have to just add your credit card.
  11. In  Case you don't have a Credit Card, no worries You just need to click on  Paypal and that's it (they won't ask any information).
  12. After adding you need to go to the cart (when you’re account is created).
  13. Now you have to proceed with your checkout.
  14. You need to maintain the 10$ so click “NO THANKS “ to all additional services.
  15. It will show you 10$ first.
  16. But you will add a coupon code just before the proceeding of payment.
  17. Now Add “DELHI20” on the promo code box and click apply.
  18. After clicking you would be seeing 0$ on checkout.
  19. And now you’re done you can confirm your checkout and can proceed with the payment. That's it.
This promo is for limited Time, If This promo does not work, please bear with me, I am working on it.