The FIA abbreviates as Federal Investigation Agency counter-intelligence, criminal investigation and security agency of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

FIA is working under the Interior Secretary of Pakistan's supervision to take actions or operations against terrorism, crimes, and smuggling.

Recently FIA has announced more than 500 jobs for the youth of Pakistan.

Job Vacancies are not only for entry-level employees but also for experienced professionals and foreign professionals looking out for career opportunities. With the government's growth and continuous efforts to develop the economy, FIA jobs in Pakistan are up for grabs.

Online Apply:

Applying for jobs in Pakistan is now made easy with the use of internet technology. Job applicants can submit their resumes online and receive a response within 24 hours. To get the benefits of FIA jobs in Pakistan, one must apply through an online system.

Application Form:

FIA job sites offer complete application forms, which can be quickly filled and submitted online. These forms contain general information about education, work experience and other skills required. To get a good number of jobs, one must look out for jobs that match his talent and qualification. For example, if a person has trained in plumbing but has joined a firm that deals with insurance, he may not find a job as an insurance agent, even though he has the required experience. In case an applicant applies for an individual post, he gets the opportunity to present his application following the rules and regulations mentioned in the posting advertisement online.

Selection Process:

The recruitment process is carried on according to the government policy for every selected post. Generally, recruitment is done through a combination of screening tests, interviews and fitness tests. The recruitment process includes screening candidates on knowledge, talent and proficiency, and finally, the candidates are selected for jobs in Pakistan. These three steps help the recruitment authorities to find the most eligible candidates.

After completing any of the posts, all candidates must submit their resumes. The government officials then examine the outlines for their suitability. Once the government officials pass the resumes, the candidates are asked to appear for an interview. Candidates are asked questions about their experience, work efficiency, academic qualification, specialization and other skills.

How to Apply for Jobs in Pakistan?

After preparing resumes, all candidates have to appear for an interview in which they have to answer the questions posed by the interviewers. Candidates who appear for an interview are advised to prepare for a few basic questions to increase their chances of getting a suitable job. Interviewers also give candid feedback on the interviewee's appearance, demeanor and other qualities. Once the candidates appear for the interview, they are asked to sign an agreement and submit their resumes. The candidates then get contacted by their desired organizations and are informed about the interview schedule and the offer's benefits.

Applying for a job:

After completing all the jobs, the candidates can look for an employment opportunity with a security agency. Security agencies in Pakistan often appoint former FBI agents and private investigators as their employees. Once an individual gets selected, he is required to undergo training and regularly upgrade his skills. This process ensures that the person gains more knowledge and abilities and quickly secures promotions and other benefits.

Advantages of internet:

The internet has made it easier for people to look for jobs in Pakistan. Almost every leading recruitment and consultancy firm has its website, including details about its successful candidates, experience, qualifications and benefits. Candidates willing to apply online can submit their resumes and create their profiles on any recruitment firm's website.

Before submitting their application form online, candidates should read the terms and conditions given by the company. So it helps them make a detailed analysis of the offer's benefits and determine if they are eligible to apply. Candidates should also decide on accepting or rejecting an offer. After deciding, candidates can send their resumes to the selected organizations.


Individuals who have completed their secondary and tertiary education can also consider getting additional certification to help them land suitable career opportunities in a security agency. Candidates who want to pursue a private secretary and private investigator career should complete their degree with courses in criminal investigation. One can follow the criminal investigation course after completing a qualification in Computer Forensics.


To apply for any job related to criminal activities in the country, candidates should complete the necessary documents specified by the company. Applicants who are aware of all the document requirements and the process should send their details along with their application letter and a copy of their graduation certificate and passport. Applicants can expect to receive an invitation to attend an interview from the concerned recruitment company in one month. If the candidate completes the interview process, they can receive a job offer in another month. A competent candidate can work as a private assistant sub-inspector for three to six years without receiving any promotion.