Here are the telephone numbers you shooting call unless you're brave  enough to try to do, so most of those are pretty chilling which I  wouldn't suggest you dial a number of these numbers if you're  superstitious that said let's begin.


This number wasn't known until someone found a USB during a bathroom  at a Nine Inch Nails concert which contained an mp3 file named 24:32  when played the sound of chirping crickets are often heard this was  strange initially but it had been even weirder when the audio was run  through a spectrograph which revealed a mysterious number this number  clothed to be a telephone number and when dialing these digits a  recorded conversation between a mother and her daughter are often heard  however this conversation is not any t just a conversation instead it's a  chilling wiretap conversation involving a daughter who speaks together  with her mother a couple of terrifying situation she's currently in.

Now many of us claim that this was because we want to promote Nine  Inch Nails album at the time since this was found at their concert  implying that the recording is fake yet many still believe that this is  often a real wiretap conversation between a mother and her daughter  whether it's fake or not this is still scary to listen to.


Now if you do not sleep in Japan then you will not be ready to call  this number however you'll if you employ Japan's country code which is  that the number 81 people have claimed this telephone number to be  haunted because it belongs to a haunted being referred to as Sudoku  those that's called this number claim to possess heard blood-curdling  sounds and other hair-raising noises made by this being although hanging  up with stop loose noises it wouldn't stop the curse that's the dog who  has seen you when dialing this number it's said that just dialing these  digits can curse you and legend has it that those who've been cursed  died within every week of calling yet some say that this number was made  to market the ring movies in Japan which feature a character named  Sudoku this might be a possible reason for the existence of this number  however that's just an opportunity.


This number belongs to a corporation called booth world which within  the company's words focuses on remodeling people's lives people that  have called this number claim to possess heard various things and one  instance someone who dialed this number heard a recording of a lady  telling the decision er that his telephone number has been logged and  traced and can be speaking with a representative shortly to schedule a  transforming appointment nothing happened afterward so he hung up later  within the day an equivalent caller received a call from a personal  number he decided to let this call attend his voicemail since he doesn't  answer to unknown callers.

He then checks the voicemail that was laughed and what he heard was  quite eerie the voicemail was a recording of a lady with the very  chilling voice telling him that his information has been recorded  therein booth world would like him to call back this number so that he  could schedule his remodeling appointment with a representative during  another case someone who dialed this number made a transforming  appointment for his girlfriend he later received a call from booth world  but rather than hearing what the previous caller heard he heard what  seemed like his girlfriend's screaming in pain the screams stopped after  a few seconds and he was then greeted by a person who told him the  transforming had been administered this story sounds fake but the amount  does exist it's unclear what booth world means by remodeling but it  might be another word for torture or death.


It's set this telephone number is cursed since the people who have  owned it have died the primary one that had this number died of cancer  at age 48 the second was gunned down and therefore the third and fourth  person were also shot as of now this telephone number is no longer used  or given out by phone companies but you'll still dial this number and  listen to a recorded message saying that the telephone number is outside  of network coverage this is the smallest amount creepiest telephone  number to dial but if you're superstitious and you're scared of getting  cursed then it is best if you do not call this number.


Almost like Sadako's telephone number this one is claimed to curse  you however it only does so if you do not do what the voice on the road  tells you to try to which is to form 15 or more people dial this number  if you opt to not do that which is to start a sequence mail it is said  that you simply will die calling this number is impossible since it's  too many digits however stories about this have circulated in some Asian  countries stating that this number does exist because some people  received a missed call from this number.

You'll always dial the amount yourself to ascertain if it works now  there's another telephone number a bit like this one but without the one  at the start and it's believed that this number is employed by the dead  to call their loved ones who are still living a lady once received a  call from this number after attaining her cousin's burial and stated  that she only heard static but after doing research she acknowledged  that this number was employed by those who have departed and concluded  that it must are her dead cousin who called.


To market, the horror movie carries a telephone number was displayed  at the top of a trailer for this film it displayed the words call carry  above the phone number which tempted viewers to try to so although most  adults who called this number weren't spooked by what they heard on the  phone it frightened most youngsters after calling this number you'd  receive three calls back from a special number the primary call has the  most character the film carries screaming the second call is creepy  singing and the third and final call is eerie whispering needless to  mention all three calls are creepy and there's little question that is  overvalued the film.


After missing a call from this number a woman asked in a blog if  anyone knew anything about it she then finds out that others have also  received calls from this mysterious number upon hearing this she decided  to call the amount to seek out who's behind it but she didn't get much  info after calling all she heard was a recorded message saying that the  call can't be completed as dialed later she learns that the amount comes  from a thigh film that is almost like the plot of the Ring anyone who  answers her calls this number dies afterward as of today the lady on  this blog hasn't posted any updates red numbers on May 2nd, 2007 a very  chilling email was circulating in Pakistan in it a warned people to not  devour calls from these numbers stating that these numbers appear red on  the phone screen when being called and that learning these numbers can  transmit a high-frequency signal which will cause brain hemorrhage and  death after receiving this email.

Many of us started freaking out fearing that they will receive a call  from one among these numbers the govt of Pakistan eventually stepped in  by sending a letter to prevent the epidemic hysertia by stating that  the e-mail was just a hoax this made sense since nobody had evidence to  prove that they or somebody else had received a call from these numbers  yet while everything was settling down in Pakistan warnings about the  red numbers began to seem in Asia the center East and Africa such  warnings have caused many to believe that the red numbers do exist  nobody knows needless to say but if they are doing its best to not  devour these calls.