Some people say love knows no bounds and if you're in love age  doesn't matter well guess what in some cases it does and these celebrity  age gaps are so huge I don't even know what they would be talking about  with each other regardless a lot of these celebrity couples seem to be  happy and healthy so what else could we ask for oh and I won't be  discriminating when it comes to genders for this list just keep that in  mind because I know you've just definitely thought this was gonna be a  list full of old dudes dating young ladies.

10- Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

With a 10-year age gap between Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, a  source close to the couple says that the age difference is not a big  deal to them whatsoever.

The couple was first spotted together in 2017 which was the year  before they reportedly began dating Nick loves dating older women and if  anything Priyanka has said that he acts much older than he is she wants  jokes during an interview that she calls him old man Jonas the couple  largely kept their relationship quiet because they knew how judgmental  the public would be about it even when Nick adjoined the 18th season of  the voices a new coach he was teased buzzed aged my fellow singer Kelly  Clarkson I guess she told him that she was a decade older than him and  Jonas just replied with my wife is 37 so it's cool

9-Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness

Hugh and Deborah have a 13-year age gap between them but the couple  I've been together for more than 20 years Jackie I met the love of his  life long before he ever made it big as a movie star he was a brand-new  actor at the time who became smitten by Deborah who was already in  Australia movie star when speaking on how they met Hugh said that it was  during his first job out of drama school which was a massive break for  him so naturally he was really scared while speaking with People  magazine the actor said Deb she was a big star I got picked up and Deb  is in the front seat of the car I'll never forget she took off her  seatbelt and she turned around and put out her hand and took off her  sunglasses and said hi I'm Debra Lee Furness nice to meet you I remember  thinking I like this girl and according to Hugh he actually trying to  avoid speaking to her because he had a big crush on her although after  inviting her over for a dinner party the two really began to hit it off  the duo tried to keep the relationship a secret which lasted for about  three weeks before they realized everybody knew the entire time  everybody on the set of the film that is in an array

8-Ellen DeGeneres and Portia

Although you could never tell based on Ellen's youthful appearance  and dance moves the comedian and talk show host is 62 years old while  her wife Portia is only 47 despite the 15 year age gap the couple have  been together since 2004 and tied the knot in 2008 after the same-sex  marriage ban was lifted in California recently there have been lots of  rumors swirling that the couple has split up but Portia believes of  these divorce rumors just means that they are now viewed as a regular  famous couple when she saw these tabloids speculating that they had  divorced she was happy because it meant that the public's perception had  finally changed on same marriages now they got the same criticisms that  straight couples get in Hollywood as well,

7- Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey B Morgan

In a One Tree Hill actors Hilarie Burton in The Walking Dead Ville  and Dean Morgan have been dating since 2009, Dean has referred to Burton  as his wife but no announcement of an official marriage was ever made  the couple have a 16-year age gap between them and it ended up being  introduced to each other at an Irish pub in Los Angeles by her former  co-star Hilary was reflecting on that night while speaking with People  magazine and said that she was never a girl that anyone pursued adding  that she's always been an alpha but when she met Geoffrey he was exuding  confidence as he said to her you're gonna be my girlfriend it's a good  thing that she found this statement intoxicating instead of off-putting  although the couple kept their relationship secret for so long the  Burton gave birth to their son Augustus before the couple even went  public with their romance

6- Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

In 2018 model Heidi Klum began dating Tokyo hotel guitarist Tom  Kaulitz and although this new the relationship turned some heads because  Heidi is 45 and Tom is only 29 so his 17 years between the couple it  was often a big question that would come up during interviews while  speaking with InStyle magazine Klum spoke about what it's like to date a  man 17 years her junior I said my boyfriend is many years younger than  me and lots of people are questioning that and asking about it that's  the only time when age seems to get shoved in my face and I have to  answer it I don't think about it that much otherwise, the rumors  surrounding the couple dating came after they were spotted kissing on  set while Hani was filming America's Got Talent they would then make  their first public appearance as a couple in May of 2018 at the Cannes  gala then on December 24th, 2018 Heidi posted a photo on Twitter  announcing the Tom had proposed to her

5- Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

David Cross and wife Amber Tamblyn have been married since 2012 but  the comedian has admitted to that he hesitated to get  involved with the actors at first due to their 19 year age difference  when they first shared a comedy stage in 2012 at his show in New York  City David wanted to make a move but wasn't sure if he should rightfully  so he was taking into account the huge age gap as well as the fact that  amber was a fan of his editor.

4- Rosie and Jason Statham

Before Rosie and Jason Statham actor Jason Statham mama, Rosie  Huntington-Whiteley began dating in 2010 the couple met while Rosie was  on set of transformers because Jason was primed to take over Shia  LaBeouf spot in the series although after they began dating me largely  kept their relationship on the DL because of a 20-year age gap between  them over the pair did go public with their romance at that year's  Coachella festival in California after just six months of dating the  celebrity couple decided to move in together and began flaunting the  relationship without a care to the world the couple got engaged in 2016  and welcomed their first child Jack Oscar in June of 2017

3-Sam and Aaron Taylor-johnson

Avengers Age of Ultron actor Aaron Johnson met director Sam  Taylor-wood when he started in her movie called nowhere boy he was 18  years old at the time and Sam was 42 with a 24-year age gap between them  the couple ignored their critics and were engaged months after meeting  in 2009 and got married in 2012 then they changed their last name to  Taylor Johnson and had two daughters together when they met at least out  of nowhere boy Aaron had been preparing for that role for like six  weeks and worked extra hard because he knew it could potentially change  his life I mean it was a huge movie opportunity although little did he  know that his life was about to change in a whole other way as well  Aaron told Bazaar magazine during an interview that as soon as they  finished filming he told Sam that he was going to marry her even though  they had never even kissed before or even been on a date for that  matter, sure enough, a year to the minute after they met he got down on  one knee and popped the question

2- Dane Cook and Kelsey Taylor

Their relationship was a big shock to a lot of people just because of  how young Kelsey looks and how old vain cook looks now I even recall  him saying on a podcast that he once said to her where have you been all  my life before realizing that she wasn't even born until 1998 in 1998  Dane Cook was 26 years old the beginning to blow up in the world of  stand-up comedy the couple began dating in 2017 and an insider told Us  Weekly that Dane is approaching this relationship with a more serious  approach adding this is the most serious relationship he has had so far  he doesn't talk to any other women anymore and before her he used to  have lots of one-night stands we don't need a secret inside of though to  tell us the Dane is serious about this relationship he is constantly  gushing over Kelsey on Instagram and always trying to show off her  musical talents so we get it yeah happy last but certainly not.

1- Sarah Paulson and Hall and Taylor

Number one spot Sarah Paulson and Hall and Taylor Hollywood actresses  Sarah Paulson and Hall and Taylor have been together for five years now  and the pair went from quietly dating to working to normalize age gap  relationships the couple first met in 2005 at a party which would be a  decade before they began dating Sarah told the New York Times in 2016  that she was instantly blown away by Taylor's beauty when they met for  the first time adding that she was probably the most.